Minutes of the 2nd Finance Committee Meeting Of IUCTE, BHU Held On 21st December, 2018 At 9:30 AM at BHU, Varanasi

 Agenda: 1     Confirmation of Finance Committee Meeting held on 22nd Jan 2018.

 The minutes of 1st Finance Committee Meeting was circulated to Chairman and all Member of the Finance Committee.  No comments received on the Minutes. The Minutes of 1st Finance Committee Meeting (Enclosure-1) may kindly approved   -  Approved`

Agenda: 2     Action taken on the Minutes of the 1st Finance Committee Meeting held on 22nd Jan 2018.

Item No

Agenda Point

Remarks of Governing Board

Action taken



A brief about the IUCTE, BHU.


 Presentation made by the Director was appreciated and Noted.

Action Not Required




To consider approval of Financial Allocation for 2017-18.


Submitted Budget &  Expenditure details along with Utilization Certificate

 (UC) till 30th June,

 30th Sept and 31st Dec 2017.







Action Not Required




Land allocation to IUCTE and Developmental  work (Construction of Boundary Wall, Entrance Gate, Security Post, Bore-well and Land Development)

The Committee appreciated the initiative of IUCTE, BHU to take up the task of land Development, Boundary Wall, Entrance Gate etc and Approved.

CPWD has completed the   Boundary Wall & Bore-well. Security Post & Gate work in progress.




Construction of Building at Permanent Site of IUCTE, Sundar Bagia, BHU


 The proposal to undertake the construction work of IUCTE, BHU by the CPWD, Project Division, BHU Varanasi was agreed and the Committee Approved.  Enabling Estimate of

Rs. 3, 60, 00,000/- (Rupees Three Crore Sixty Lakhs Only) towards consultancy Services for the Permanent Construction of IUCTE, BHU submitted by CPWD was approved.

The CPWD submitted a demand of deposit of one third of the estimated cost towards consultancy services.  A sum of Rs. 100, 00,000/-(Rupees One crore only) was paid to CPWD Project Division on

12 June 2018,





To consider approval of Semi Permanent Structure at the site of IUCTE, Sunder Bagia, BHU to shift the office of IUCTE at the earliest



 Considered Semi-Permanent Structure.  The Committee appreciated the need of the IUCTE to shift from the SSB Hostel provided by BHU (Hostel environment may not be congenial to the IUCTE as an Academic Institution) to its own site was placed in the 1st G.B of IUCTE and Approved, subject to approval of budget by the UGC.


The CPWD has provided of Building Plan and Cost of the Construction to the tune of Rs. 1,65,00,000/-(Rupees One crore sixty five lakh only). The financial implication on the project is proposed for the

F.Y 2018-19.

The proposal was placed to the UGC in the meeting of 1st FC on

22 Jan 2018 which was deferred.




To consider Recruitment of Human Resources 

The proposal was discussed.  The JS (IUC), UGC, the Member of the Finance Committee, reported to the members that the Commission has already Approved the Budget for the Staff Requirement of IUCTE, BHU.



The UGC communicated vide their letter No.35-1/2015(IUC) dated 05 April 2018, the allocation of the budget for setting of IUCTE, BHU in its initial stage in the early expenditure on salary to the tune of Rs. 225.85 lakhs (Enclosure-3) 


Keeping in view the above and the 7th CPC Revisions, Which has already been implemented in IUCTE, the recruitment of staff to meet the staff requirement of IUCTE            

Under different categories   (Academic, Administrative, Technical and Ancillary) along with the central Recruitment Rules has been prepared and submitted to UGC placed at Annexure-1.




To Consider Approval of Consolidated Emoluments of Consultant, Visiting Fellow, Research Associates/Assistant, and Project Fellow.

The proposal was discussed in the committee. The Committee appreciated the spirit of IUCTE, BHU to take up the Academic activity and Approved the contractual appointment of one year or till the new incumbent join,  under faculty profile of IUCTE on the emoluments as per GFR, GoI/MHRD/UGC financial rule.

Academic and , Administrative Consultant, Research Associates/Assistant,and Project Fellows has been appointed as per GFR, GOI/MHRD/UGC Financial Rules. Enclosure-4




To Consider approval of Budget allocation for F.Y 2018-19.


(A) Salary (36 Head):-        


(B) Recurring (31 Head):-



(C) Capital Assets (35


      80% of the estimated

      (Cost of Rs. 103.50








Receipt and expenditure during 1st April 2018 till 30th Nov 2018 under different heads are placed at Enclosure-5



Agenda 3:    Reporting on PFMS & GeM procurement

The UGC organised a Workshop on 11 Sept 2018 at New Delhi regarding PFMS.  Two staff members of IUCTE attended the said workshop.  In view of the above, IUCTE strictly adhered to adopt PFMS w.e.f. 20 Sept 2018.  We have achieved full compliance of payment through PFMS.  Further IUCTE has started purchases through GeM. -   Noted    

Agenda 4 :     To consider and approval the audited expenditure of F.Y 2017-18

Financial details under recurring and non-recurring head as on 31st March 2018 was consolidated and submitted to the authorized auditor.  The audited accounts for the F.Y 2017-18 is placed at Enclosure-6.  Submitted for approval Please.   -   Approved

Agenda 5:   To consider and approval of Detail Project Report (DPR) and Comprehensive Planning and Design for the Residential and Non-Residential Buildings of the IUCTE was submitted by CPWD 

The CPWD floated tender for hiring consultancy services for the permanent construction buildings of IUCTE.  The DPR and comprehensive Planning and Design for the Residential and Non Residential buildings of the IUCTE was submitted by CPWD an estimated cost of Rs. 107,36,55,000.00  approved by the Building & Works Committee at Annexure-2&3.  Submitted for approval Please   -  Approved

Agenda 6:   To Consider approval of Enhancement of Honorarium to Sr. Administrative Officer of IUCTE, BHU.

Dr. Anil Kumar Tiwari, AR IMS is deputed by the BHU to perform the duties of Senior Administrative Officer IUCTE, BHU w.e.f 16 Feb 2017 beyond his office hour’s vide their letter No R/GAD/Misc (24)/II/53165 dated 15 Feb 2017.  The IUCTE is paying and honorarium of Rs 20,000/- p.m. towards his services beyond his office hours as additional duties as  per Enclosure-7.   At the initial stage, the IUCTE was functioning with limited HR and infrastructure, but now the work and human resources of IUCTE has increased many folds.  The engagement of Sr Administrative Officer has also increased and required more attention.  Keeping in view of above an honorarium may please be considered the tune to Rs.40,000/- per month as a special case.  Submitted for Approval please   -   As per Rules

Agenda 7: Consider Approval of the Appointment on deputation

The IUCTE has been functioning since March 2017 from its Office at Dr. Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Guest House, BHU, Varanasi.  The Centre has taken up the Academic Programs on in Service Teacher Education at large scale.  A Programme in 2018-19, involving 1000 Schools in Seven Districts (Varanasi, Chandauli, Mirzapur, Bhadohi, Sonebhadra, Jaunpur & Ghazipur) of Varanasi and Mirzapur Division is currently in operation.  Our study in the year 2017-18 was very successful which was conducted in the same districts.

During the Meeting taken by the Hon’ble HRM on 31st October 2018, regarding the functions of the IUCTE, above mentioned academic programme was highly appreciated.  The Hon’ble HRM directed that the program may be carried out with the same Intervention strategies as has been done in the study of 2017-18.  The IUCTE has also initiated the program on Impact Studies and formulation of new strategies for effective implementation of the Teacher Training through HRDCs and other similar Agencies.

The permanent establishment of the IUCTE at its site at Sunder Bagia, BHU is at the stage of the construction.

In view of the above, both the Administrative and Financial Management has increased enormously.  The Recruitment Rules of the IUCTE is yet to be finalised and therefore it is proposed that Officers at the level of Senior Administrative Officer-01 in the Scale of Rs.7600/- and Administrative officer-02 in the Scale of Rs.5400/- (as per 6th CPC to be placed in 7th CPC) for Administration and Accounts work, may be allowed by deputation/short term contract as per the Rules of DoPT, Govt. of India Norms till the new incumbents joins.  The proposal is submitted for approval   -   May proceed with CRR

Agenda 8:   Consider and approval of the proposal of the Balmer Lawrie & Co. Ltd (A Govt of India Enterprises), New Delhi towards booking of Air Tickets for official work of IUCTE, BHU Varanasi.

The IUCTE has been making the bookings of Air Tickets for its Officials and Academic purposes through the Agencies providing Services to BHU or the Air India Official site through the individuals account(frequently by the Director).  We have made attempts to be in the list of Balmer Lawrie & Co. Ltd, but it was informed that the magnitude of booking is too small to consider for IUCTE, however on our repeated requests, they have agreed to offer services upon depositing Rs.300000/- (Rupees Three lakh only) as Security Deposit proposal enclosed as per Enclosure-8. 

In order to book Tickets through Balmer Lawries & Co. Ltd, the proposal is submitted for approval please - Approved.